Friday, June 03, 2005

Notebook Scribblings Part I

This is the first of my notebook scribblings to be posted in this blog....i happened to remember it , so here goes:

If we never fought ,
my friend
How would i ever have known
that you care enough
to be the first one
to compromise and apologise

If i didn't turn
my face off from you
how would i ever have known
that in all your anger
you would still throw me
that ellusive glance,my greatest joy

If i didn't stop
the gentle flow of your life
how would i ever have known
that in this rush called life
you would stop by,
one moment for me, just me

if all we did ,
was to throw plastic smiles
how would i ever have known
the beauty of emotions within
wouldn't we be dolls posing
but now we live..
and let a beautiful friendship thrive...

i wrote this sometime in final year..when i picked up a stupid fight with my good friend S and i wouldn't talk with wasn't actually her fault at all, you could say that it was just my sometimes evil twin with an inferiority complex showing her head....and it ended up in conflict. So i didn't talk with S the whole while in the class in the morning... and the whole while she was trying to pickup a converstaion with me..and then she sent across a piece of paper to me, with the following words:

"G, how can i be without speaking to you?Sorry!
- S"

I was moved..she was asking me sorry despite having no fault at her side..... and so, as soon as i received it, I thanked God for giving me a good friend, and began writing this poem , sometime in the fifth hour , jus before lunch... and as soon as i finished it, i showed it to her...she understood..i didn't have to ask her sorry at all....such was my friend S


divyasurendiran said...

That was so nice of her.
Wonder if i would have done the same.

monu said...

yep divs...
update your blog...
me looking forward to reading some stuff....
she is a real nice girl...

Known Stranger said...

you are lucky.. ehiehei i had been doign this doggy stuff in life for years together.. bhiheie because i just dont understnad my friend.. little mentally less matured than of my age peers so they just forgive my insensible way of behaving. :D