Thursday, June 16, 2005


she wore a mask
for she didnt think
the world would like
her original face!!!

she didnt know
nor did anyone else
that the world outside
only saw masks!!!


Sriram said...

Can anyone say "genius"? ;).. nice one.

G3 said...

ennanga ella poemsla yum oru vendana kalandirukku?

ioiio said...

Hey Height,

At this rate of ur posting..u will soon have the highest number of posts in Blogger!

Neway I shudnt be complaining.. I get my click's worth everytime..something new posted

Kay said...

i am impressed by ur writing..

monu said...



nethu konjam mood off....ore philosophical mood..athukkum mela my immediate senior was getting on my nerves.....athu thaan..


thanks ullu..and keep visiting my blog!!


thanks kay
me too very much impressed by your writing!

Jayan said...

Sounds like this popped out from the bottom of your heart :)

monu said...

Hi Jayan,
thanks for your comment...
that was an observtaion, about people are hesitant of being themselves!!
thanks for visiting my blog

Anjali said...

A-Another Ammani
S-sooper poetry
K-kalkaringa with small verse.

monu said...


thanks you
i went through your blog..
neenga sooparaa ezhudhareenga...
liked them all in your blog...