Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Why is there a song in my heart?
Why is there a spring in my step?
Why is there a twinkle in my eye?
Its just that I am happy!

Wish you all a happy day too...
(its morning here)


ioiio said...

Its midnight here.. In any case it suits us too..
Have a good day

monu said...

sleep well

Kaps said...

Vanakkam Tamizhagam!

Indha Naal Iniya Naalaga Malara Vazhthukkal

Excuse me if I tried to remind u of SUN TV

monu said...

yes , u did remind me of sun TV....
and all those early morning prediction shows titled "inndha naal iniya naal"

thanks for your wishes though

and BTW, bharath rangan writes a column called "arre o sambhar" for the economic times....