Monday, May 16, 2005

all alone

no matter how many friends we matter how many people occupy our lives..
there does come a time when we feel so alone.. we are left alone without any body to even listen to our feelings..nobody to confide in..nobody to ask for an opinion..nobody to seek refuge in..
yet it takes sometime for this fact to sink in..we search and we search for a shoulder to lean on...and weep..but alas! we finally realize that we are all alone!
As nice as the people in our lives may be..thier own situations may prevent them from helping is a bundle of situations that we have to face..and choices that have to be made..
one can make choices between things but how is one supposed to make choices between people particularly those whom u dearly love and cannot bear to hurt..let alone stand by and watch a tear being shed...
but thats where the magic word priority comes in..we must then prioritise...and that can becoke difficult..
coming back to my point of being all alone in this world..
there are those who encourage you when your decisions are being made and then withdraw when a diffculty crops up in the chosen path....
they would definitely feel guilty for misguiding one...but thats where the responsibility factor stops.. and then the person on the chosen path is all alone..
ofcourse there is god..but he can only listen..cannot speak back....
but still some wait for so much as a signal from god! They simply cant be alone..............


Chaos said...

"Amen" . Ever thought of writing for a women's column?

But something tells me things didn't happen like you intended/expected them to. Don't worry certain things take time.

monu said...

right said sanju
that was anexperience...
but i corrected myself..
see the nect post
i said that friedns are angels!!!!

Cognitive Distortions said...

First timer to ur blog....duno from where i landed here. Good work.

A sense of deja vu crept in when i read this particular post....hope u have got over ur loneliness pangs by now.

Hav fun. Keep blogging.

monu said...

hi cognitive distortions,
tahnks for your comment..
we all learn to cope in life..i suppose, thanks for your comment

Known Stranger said...

ask me about lonlinesss.. i will have lectures how to enjoy being alone, how to shoudler the yourself with lonliness as a friend, hwo to speak to lonilenss.. in fact while lonliness creeps ( FINE IT IS ALWAYS WITH ME) my companion my friend, my guide and philosphoer teaching me the life , the way to get stable,

Loinleness is a virtue many just dont want to learn the nack of handling as it is very powerfull that can change completely a persons to a greater extent.

fine i am not talkin of lonliness after a break up of love or of that kind...

i am talking about the lonilenss that is born with you , lives with you till your death..

just one has to know how to befriend it.

i also never learnt it till, one wise man gave me few tips of how to make use of lonliness and how one should not run away from it but befriend it while i was in +2. since then... i am happy when ever i am lonely with none..

it helps me a lot to rediscover me like phenoix every day

reetu said...

I read it Gayu..
I can understand., with the intuition of a woman..

>but how is one supposed to make choices between people particularly those whom u dearly love and cannot bear to hurt

True.. & beautifully Written..

>ofcourse there is god..but he can only listen..cannot speak back....

I dont agree with this one..
God does not always keep mum..
Do u know ., God can Speak.. answer prayers.
Apart from that .,God indeed speaks.,I have experienced with mine.,i think more than thrice in life so far thru Prophecy.